We recently finished our anti-bullying film, “Charity.” It is a short drama about a teenage girl, Katherine, who is being terribly bullied by her “friend.” To escape the hurt she feels, Katherine starts a charity that she can focus on instead of being emotionally abused by the mean girl. When her charity for early childhood education becomes successful, the bully intensifies her attack and does the unthinkable. Faced with fear and uncertainty, will Katherine learn to stand up to the aggression and rise above it?

We are showing “Charity” in school assemblies as an opening for discussion, to ask students what they would do if they were being bullied and threatened. Did our lead character do the right thing? What more could her parents have done? What more should the parents of the bully and the school have done?

“Charity” was made with the support of the Puffin Foundation, Technicolor at Paramount, and many private donors. It is an Official Selection at six film festivals and has won awards at two of them: The Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival (winner Best Family Short Film), Accolade Global Film Competition (winner Award of Merit), Irvine International Film Festival, Sedona International Film Festival, Kansas City FilmFest, and the Julien Dubuque International Film Festival.

“Charity” was written and directed by Alex Haney, an award-winning young filmmaker. Visit to learn more about him.


“He’s done a great job with his message here. I absolutely loved the way Katherine becomes empowered over time and rises above what she has gone through. It’s such a message of hope for those kids who think ‘This will never end.’ … Please give Alex my thanks for tackling this subject in a compelling way.” ~Cindy Waitt, Executive Producer of Academy Award-Nominated Film, “Bully”
“Our Board was impressed with the nature of your proposal and the commitment you have made to fulfill the objectives outlined in your request.. We wish you good luck and success in your important endeavor.” ~Gladys Miller-Rosenstein, Executive Director of the Puffin Foundation
Thank You to Our Indiegogo Donors For Helping Us Make “Charity” and Make a Difference!

Neilma Gantner, Christopher and Nailia Haney, Carlene Laughlin, Penn Edmonds, The McRae Family, Greg and Joy Chudacoff, David and Jackie Cowgill, Mary and Laurent Pradier, The Politzer Family, Matt and Linda Weiner, Joyce Kurtz, June Baldwin, Jonathan and Adriana Nichols, Mark and Llisa Burstein, Janet and Richard Eskow, Drs. Karen and James Hassett, Arthur W. Bingham, Paul R. Pape, Pamela and Nicholas Guest, Rosemary and Newell Alexander, Steve Apostolina, Paul and Terri Tuerpe, Dr. Jay Gordon, Al and Tanya Rodrigo, Carolyn H. Revercomb, Beth Hogan, Madeleine Lightfoot, John Gidcomb, Susan Peabody, Raul C. Staggs, John Bechhoefer, Drs. Robert and Judy Clyman, Caroline Bell, Robert H. Rout, Jr., Dusty Reed, Michael and Marian Hoffstein, Udana Power, Susan and Darrell Carr, Colby Plath, Ina Bechhoefer, Michael Corbett, Dennis and Tatjana Singletary, Jennie Rhoads, Ranjani Brow, Christopher Moore, Judy Korin, Patrick Malone, Sandy Holt, Robert Burgos, Victoria M. Davis, Jacqueline Crisp, Rita Lakin, Rachael Sonnenberg, Heather McCurdy, Luisa Leschin, Hillary Ethe, Jessi Hersey, Gabriela Grosso, Joshua and Karen Stern, Julie Janney, Irsa Nolasco, Brianne Chierighino, Martina Berndt, Mindy Spatt, Peter Pamela and Jason Harris, Danny Strauss, Marcelo Tubert, Jon Bruno, Sandy Silas, Marc Handler, Juan A. Negron, Jeffrey Balash, Keith Jeffries, Chintankumar B. Shah, Malika Williams, Jacqueline Vega, Norby Lopez, Jeanne Way, Dalilia Ramos, Chase Fein, Kim O’Kelley-Leigh, Patrick Fritz, Jamie Ciocco, Paul Keeley, Jessica Pennington, William Calvert, Lisa He, Nora T. Phil, Devo Cutler, Toni Norman, Beege Barkett, Isaac Haney-Owens, Joelle Jacoby, Jackson E. Reed, John at Eco Pure, Patricia E. Poet, Caroline L. Moreton.
    Crisis Call Center
    (800) 273-8255

    School Violence Hotline
    (866) 748-7047

    Youth Advocacy Hotline
    (800) USA-KIDS; (800) 872-5437

    The Trevor Lifeline
    (866) 4-U-TREVOR; (866) 488-7386

    TheNational Suicide Prevention Hotline
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